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My skin feels great! Smooth, sunspots completely gone! Overall I am very pleased with my results and look forward to the final result! No makeup for me anymore besides a little mascara and lip gloss and of course my sunscreen! – Cynthia G.

I love the treatment I just had from Amy Mancuso - a hydrating dermafrac treatment. Previously I've had ipl on my chest and photofractional on face and neck. The treatment she did on me today is one I'd highly recommend - I immediately felt at least 5-20 years younger J but if u just want to dip your toe in the fountain of youth at least try micro dermabrasion J -- Heather K.

After 2 IPL & 1 Resurface, 40+ years of sun damage is vanishing from my face, neck & chest. This is only about 5 weeks from my 1st IPL, no-tint sunscreen, mascara, brows & chapstick. Amy Mancuso is my skin-miracle worker!! – Denise S.


I have been on a health and fitness journey for over 3 years. I have lost over 110 pounds and gained so much in return. I have gained strength, determination, confidence, friendship and happiness. This journey has been about learning to be healthy and learning to love the skin I am in. And that means taking care of myself inside and out. About a month ago I starting seeing Amy Mancuso with Hollyday Med Spa and Aesthetics. She is the best! It isn't selfish to do things to take care of you! I got my first photofractional treatment. I cannot wait to set up my next appointment. My skin feels smoother, and brighter already. I feel happy, confident and just having the outside match how I feel on the inside and I love it. On my way, feeling happy, healthy and strong inside and out! – Jodi H.

I keep catching myself looking in my magnifying mirror at home because it's so impressive the difference from just the one Photofractional treatment! Without makeup on it looks better and now with just tinted (sunscreen!) moisturizer it's so much more even than before! I really love it! – Janna S.

Yep, posting without make up!! Loving my skin & my results. I’ve had one photofractional laser (IPL& resurfx) and dermafrac!!! LOVE!!! Thank You Amy Mancuso at Hollyday Med Spa!!! You are the best!!! Amazing people that do amazing work!!! – Becky J.

After 3 IPL and 2 Resurface treatments with Amy Mancuso, she has erased sun damage on my face, neck, chest and shoulders! Oh how I do love the sun. You have to check out this spa, everyone is so fun and nice too! Time to treat yo self!! – Lori P.

Happy camper here! Weather's warming up and it's nothing but sunscreen for me! So fast and easy. Thanks Amy! – Kim H.


Had my 2nd photo fractional yesterday with the beautiful Amy Mancuso!! Such a HUGE difference in my skin. I have no makeup on and feel like my skin is just glowing and I LOVE it!! Looking for great skin care specialist ... Amy is your girl!!! She is amazing!! #feelingfabulous #erasingyears #holldaymedspa – Angela S.

Love being able to go about my day with a fresh face! No more Cover Girl for me! After 3 IPL on my chest and photo fractional on my face by the one and only Amy Mancuso at Hollyday Med Spa my skin feels like I'm back in my 30's. Love the results I am seeing! – Annette B.



Growing up in a big family (five sisters) one-on-one time with a parent was rare, so my mom came up with the idea of special days spent with just one child and the day was named after us, hence the name Hollyday. Hollydays were spent doing whatever I wanted with my mom, which was usually eating and shopping!

When I developed the spa, I wanted to keep in mind the idea of what Hollyday meant to me – special one-on-one attention. We want the client to feel pampered and appreciated as we address their individual, specific needs.

Everyone deserves a Hollyday!

Holly Post | Founder of Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics

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