new year, new you! [or not, the old you is pretty good too.]

With 2017 coming to a close, now is the time to reflect on the past year - the good, the not so good and everything in between - and remember to be grateful we're here for another go-round at this thing called life. 


New year’s resolutions not your thing? No biggie. We are all guilty of teasing our friends and families of failed resolutions year after year. But why? We are all just trying to figure out how to be our best selves. Whether your goal for the new year is to travel more, make big moves in your career, lose a little extra around the middle or love a little harder – you do you. The point of all of this is that we made it. We made it through another jam-packed holiday season. Cheers to us! 

Speaking on behalf of all the ladies at Hollyday, we know how to indulge around the holidays. The generous clients we love so much fill our breakroom with chocolates and fudge and giant tins of Topsy’s popcorn, oh my! Not to mention all the cocktail parties and holiday gatherings throughout the past month – champagne coma anyone?? As a team, we’re using the first couple weeks of 2018 as our chance to DETOX. We are ready to move forward with a fresh beginning, and our skin is going to thank us for it.

Watch our 14-day detox journey from January 2-15, via Facebook and Instagram, to see the highs and lows of cutting out sugar, processed foods and alcohol from our diets. We are aiming to drink 100-150 oz. of water per day and eating lean protein, lots of fresh veggies and nutrient-rich snacks to keep us energized throughout our day. We have to do this is a team, because who are we without moral support and accountability from the people we spend 30-40 hours a week with??  


Detox, Reset, Balance and Energize.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and is a significant indicator of what is going on internally. While your skin loves the pampering you give it externally, it will visibly reward you when you take care of your body on the inside. 

Breakouts? Puffy eyes? Dark circles? Dryness? Redness? These are the most common complaints we get when it comes to skin – and guess what? The time and money you’re investing in your face with treatments, procedures and products to keep these issues at bay can be made much worse with over-indulging. Dehydration; processed foods; too much sugar, dairy and alcohol are all major culprits. On the flip side, some fresh fruits and veggies are packed full of wrinkle-fighting antioxidants -- one of our favorites is pumpkin, aka nature's natural collagen! 

Check out this Forbes article [yes, it's from 2014 but it's SO true!] for more explanation and tips.

Kathy Hale, the owner of canihaveabite, has been fascinated by the science of food since she was in her teens. Now in her sixth decade of life she sees food as nature’s medicine to help her maintain youthful energy and vibrancy.  816.361.9101 633 E 63rd St Kansas City, MO 64110

Kathy Hale, the owner of canihaveabite, has been fascinated by the science of food since she was in her teens. Now in her sixth decade of life she sees food as nature’s medicine to help her maintain youthful energy and vibrancy.

633 E 63rd St Kansas City, MO 64110

Want to join us on our detoxifying journey?

We are partnering with canihaveabite to give you the best way to start the new year, both inside and out. Mention Hollyday and Kathy will honor 5% off the 3-day detox or up to 10% off the 28-day challenge. 

Regular detoxing helps the body to stay healthy and strong. This 3 day detox is a controlled fast that provides a kickstart into a healthier lifestyle. Nutrient dense organic foods will boost your energy, make you glow with health and reduce your waistline. You will be eating foods that aid the body in detoxing and work with body physiology and energy. Key word - EATING!

It takes 28 days to break a habit. Removing overly processed, sweetened or artificially seasoned foods will shift your appetite and gently transform your body from false cravings and bad habits to cleaner, healthier eating.

botox and fillers: what they are, and why we love them

Cosmetic injectables can have a scary connotation (thanks, botched Hollywood stars and reality TV!) until you meet the right injector who educates you on the difference between products, what they're used for and how they're used properly and then voila! You'll be in love just like the rest of us working in the aesthetics field. 

First, it's important to know the difference between Botox and fillers. They each serve a specific purpose and contrary to popular belief, are not used interchangeably. Second, trust me when I say this, a skilled injector will NOT let you end up looking like a crazy person who can't move their face or show any emotion. I can't even fathom the amount of product these people have had injected over the years on top of many, many plastic surgeries gone wrong.

What  it is  vs. What  it isn't ...

What it is vs. What it isn't...

Okay, let's get down to business.

Neurotoxins - AKA Botox & Dysport


Neurotoxins are injected into facial muscles to treat and prevent wrinkles that are caused by the movement of those muscles. The most common areas for treatment are:

  • Crow's feet -- wrinkles around the eye area
  • Frown lines -- between the brows and on the forehead
  • Fine lines around the mouth
  • Neck cords to relax and smooth protruding bands 
  • Lift the eyebrow for a more defined arch

Both Botox & Dysport come from the same scientific background and achieve similar results, but are manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. Think Puffs vs Kleenex. The biggest difference is that Dysport is structured differently on the molecular level which allows your results to settle in a little quicker, but that factor alone doesn't necessarily make it the best/right choice. You or your injector may develop a personal preference for the desired result you want.

The appointment is pretty pain free (you may feel a tiny pinch when the needle breaks the skin) and only takes about 15 minutes. There is no downtime besides a little swelling at the injection sites, similar to a bee sting, which subsides within the hour. The common misconception is that your results are instant and all of the sudden you're going to have a frozen, emotionless face. In reality, you'll notice your optimal results gradually (7-10 days for Dysport and 10-14 days for Botox). Think about it like this -- Go to a mirror and make a surprised face. Raise your brow as high as you can and notice the wrinkles on your forehead. Now furrow your brow like you're mad at someone, and notice the wrinkles that form between your brows (nicknamed the 11's). Within a few days of having Botox you'll start to notice those movements are a little harder to make, and the wrinkles that form are significantly smaller. Neurotoxins are eventually metabolized so results generally last 3-4 months.

At this point you may be thinking "I'm only 27, I'm too young for Botox!" or "I already have so many wrinkles, it's too late for me!" Well, you're in luck. We see clients of all ages. Our younger patients have prevent prevent prevent on their minds, while our more mature clients just want to soften their wrinkles to give a slightly younger, "Yes, I've aged gracefully" appearance. Nothing beats the feeling of having your friends or significant other compliment your fresh face!

Dermal Fillers - AKA Juvederm & Restylane

As we age, our collagen and elastic fibers break down and we lose volume and fat (unfortunately, only in the places we wish we could keep it!) that once gave us such a youthful glow. Both men and women begin to notice where beautiful cheeks once were, are now hollow and gaunt. Our lips begin to crease and lose their shape, and even if we've never smoked a day in our lives we see those pesky lines around our mouths begin to form. The corners of our mouth begin to turn down, and those laugh lines that hold so many wonderful memories get so deep we don't even recognize ourselves. That is, until dermal fillers change the game.

Now days, dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid (HA) based meaning they draw moisture to the skin and give something for our natural collagen to cling on to. HA fillers are also eventually absorbed and metabolized and just in case you don't like what you see afterwards, they can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Talk about reassurance - that's as close to an insurance policy for your face as it comes! The most common areas where filler is used:

  • Cheeks - to add volume and lift
  • Lips - to smooth and/or add volume
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Nasal labial folds – commonly known as “smile lines” or “laugh lines” that run from the corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth
  • Marionette lines – lines from the corners of your mouth that run toward your chin

If you only take away one thing from this blog post, let it be this:  Each syringe of filler contains 1 mL of product. 5 syringes of product = 1 teaspoon. That's not a whole lot people, so don't assume you'll be leaving your appointment looking like a different person. Sure, we can make more dramatic changes happen, but building over time is the key!

Moral of the story? Working with cosmetic injectables is an art form, so before brushing it off and deciding against it, schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our skilled injectors and get all the necessary information. With each appointment, you'll fall in love with the subtle changes you see.



the skinny on fat reduction

The concept behind non-invasive fat reduction with permanent results and zero downtime sounds like hocus pocus, right? Sure. But it's true, and it works. I'm here to tell you everything you need to know about CoolSculpting and why we love it so much.

The science behind it has actually been around for ages - weirdly enough, there was a study done on kids who ate a lot of popsicles and it turns out they were getting indentations in their cheeks from the cold freezing and eliminating their fat cells. So a couple of smart scientists (thank you, Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Fox Anderson, MD!) decided to take that concept and apply it to body parts where all men and women struggle with carrying excess fat. Thus Cryolipolysis, the idea that cold can target fat cells without damaging the skin, was born. It has been blowing up all over the U.S. since 2012, but we all know it takes a little while for trends to hit the Midwest. We wanted to make sure it lived up to the hype before we jumped on the fat-freezing bandwagon and needless to say, we were impressed. We've been gong strong with CoolSculpting since July of 2016, but before you decide if this is the right route for you there are quite a few factors to consider. 


What is the process like? First, you'll schedule your consultation (which is completely complimentary) with one of our two technicians. Have an idea in mind when you come in of where you might like to treat first. They'll make sure you're a good candidate and have the right type of fat for treatment, break down the areas we can treat, decide which applicator fits best and break down the pricing structure. When you come in for your appointment, each application takes 35-75 minutes (depending what area you are treating). If you're going to be here for a few hours, you can watch Netflix on our iPad or bring your computer to get some work (or online shopping) done ;) We keep the room private and cozy. Dim the lights and take a nap if you want to. We'll even order you lunch! Over the next 30-90 days you'll watch the magic happen as your clothes start to fit better. Generally we have our clients come in after 2 months to take "after" pictures and asses if a second treatment is needed. Your optimal results will be 4 months post-treatment.

Are results permanent? Yes! Once we reach adulthood, the number of fat cells we have remain the same. That is, until CoolSculpting saves the day. When we gain weight, our fat cells expand and when we lose weight, they shrink. Through Cryolipolysis we are able to permanently get rid of 20-25% of the fat cells in the treated area. They are crystallized (frozen) and then die. Then it's time for our lymphatic system to get to work and process them out of our body!

Will I lose weight?  No, not directly from this treatment but you might see the scale go down a few lbs if you're making healthy changes in your diet and exercise routine. There is a difference between fat reduction and weight loss. CoolSculpting targets subcutaneous fat which is the light, fluffy stuff that sits on top of the visceral fat where we hold weight.

Is there pain or downtime? There is slight discomfort in the first 5 minutes when the cooling is turned on, but you'll go numb for the remainder of the treatment. After the time is up, there is 2 minutes of manual massage where your technician is trying to break up the crystallized fat cells. This feels slightly intense because your nerve endings are starting to wake back up - think about sticking your hands in snow and then running them under hot water. The following day you can resume your normal activities including work and exercise. It's common for the treated area to be a little swollen and tender for a few days but in the grand scheme of beauty procedures, there is little to no downtime involved. 

Who is the ideal candidate? If you are 10-40 lbs from your ideal weight and have a healthy exercise and diet routine but struggle with stubborn pockets of fat like the muffin top or just want your clothes to fit better, you're the ideal candidate. 

How much of an investment am I looking at? Coolsculpting is FDA approved to treat submental fat (aka the double chin), arms, abdomen, obliques, bra fat, back fat, inner and outer thighs but that doesn't mean it's realistic for all of us to have 1-2 treatments on our entire bodies. Think about what bothers you the most. For me, I made my lower abdomen and love handles the priority because no matter what I did, I would always have a little excess hanging over my jeans or yoga pants. We always recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation to get an exact price quote, plus we offer 12 months of interest free financing but the average client will spend around $2,000.  

lip injections; how to get the good (and avoid the bad & the ugly)

Lip injections. Lip filler. Lip enhancement. Lip augmentation. You name it, we've heard about it. We've all seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks to Kylie Jenner for finally owning up to the fact that her lips are not natural (obviously!) and not due to some crazy lip suction device (see this Buzzfeed article for some laughs), the topic isn't so taboo.

First, a little history behind dermal fillers. The products we work with are HA (hyaluronic acid) based meaning our bodies eventually metabolize the product AND they can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. This is good news, people. It allows for some reassurance that if you do have a bad experience, it can be taken care of. More good news, it's very rarely needed.


Let's talk about lips, baby.

Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let's talk about lips! [inspo shout out to Salt-n-Pepa!]

Way back in the day, Restylane was one of the only options. Injectors all over the world were using it anywhere and everywhere on the face to add volume and reduce fine lines and wrinkles giving a tighter, younger looking appearance. Think cheeks, laugh lines, fine lines around the mouth, lips for smoothing and volume, and the chin. Now days, we have many many products to choose from that have been developed for specific areas of the face for very specific needs. This allows for much more natural looking results. Thanks, science!

Now, let's talk about products we use for lips. Restylane, Silk, Refyne, Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella and Vollure. Seems overwhelming, right? The good news is that a good injector will listen to your expectations and help choose the right product for you, getting you the results you want. Factors to think about:  price? how long does it last? will it hurt? how much volume will I get? will it look natural? can I build volume over time? will they just deflate after its been so long? will I look like a duck?

Here's the short of it. The injector is key; and I'm not afraid to toot the Hollyday horn (toot toot!) because Holly and Jenny are two of the best in the city! The product determines all of the answers to the questions above. Let's just say $450-500 is a good average for price and 6-12 months for how long they last. We numb every client with a topical lidocaine so you'll barely feel a thing. Some post treatment swelling and tenderness is normal, but it subsides quickly. If you have tiny lips that disappear when you smile, we can give you a little oomph without everyone and their mother knowing you've had something done. If you're happy with what yo mama gave you, we can smooth and define them. If you want volume, we can give you Angelina Jolie-esque lips that look soft and natural, not ducky. HA fillers give something for your own collagen to cling on to, so over time your lips will be naturally more plump and pillowy. They aren't just going to disappear over night.

The bottom line is this - if the thought has crossed your mind (don't lie to yourself!) the answer is yes! You won't be disappointed.