the hollyday glow

Welcome to our first post!

Our goal with this blog is not to overwhelm you with information, but to give you a more in depth look at why we are so passionate about being in the aesthetics industry. We want to educate you on all the services we provide by showing videos and photos of our staff members and clients having treatments done, show real results with before & after photos and keep you informed on what's trending with all things anti-aging, beauty, health and wellness. We also want to give you perspective on what you can expect from a small business like us in Kansas City. We pride ourselves on being a results-oriented boutique medical spa with a warm, friendly environment who supports other local businesses and gives back to our community. We want you to see the difference and experience the "Hollyday Glow" for yourself. 

The "Hollyday Glow" means something different for every individual that walks through our door. Maybe Hollyday is your place to escape the craziness of the real world - between work, relationships, family and life in general - we all need a place where we can unwind. Relax with a facial or massage, catch up with your favorite aesthetician who's become a dear friend, or finally watch that Netflix show everyone is talking about while you are CoolSculpting away stubborn fat. Maybe you struggle with confidence because you've had acne scars since you were a teenager or hide behind makeup because society's beauty standards make you feel obligated to. Maybe starting a family and having children has left you with stretch marks and a tummy you don't recognize. Maybe all those times you skipped the SPF for summer days spent baking by the pool and fabulous beach vacations have left you with unwanted sun damage and sagging skin. Whatever the case may be, you're not the only one. We believe beauty radiates from the inside, but we can help you glow on the outside.