Our facials are customized based on your skin care needs. We are results-oriented so treatments will vary depending on the condition of your skin. There are three levels of facials. Each level increases in intensity, based on the products used.

The Customized Facial
Products used in this treatment are gentle enzymes and low percentage fruit acids. When used alone, the enzymes fall into the progressive range of skin rejuvenation and minimal to no visible exfoliation will normally occur; a great way to maintain healthy skin.

60 minutes | $95
The Mini | 35 minutes | $70

Dermaplaning Facial
Get the pampering of our Customized Facial with additional exfoliation using a small, sterile surgical blade which removes up to 3 weeks worth of dead skin cells. Leaves your skin baby soft, smooth and ready for flawless makeup application.

60 minutes | $110
35 minutes | $85

Schedule dermaplaning as a single treatment without the facial. 15-30 min | $35
Add to any other facial treatment. 15 min | $20

Oxygen Facial
This facial is finished off with micronutrients sprayed on the face and neck in a very fine mist, leaving your skin sterile, healthy and glowing. These nutrients have healing properties, perfect for superficial wounds or irritations, rosacea and acne prone skin. This is one of our favorite treatments before a big event!

60 minutes | $105
Schedule by itself or add to any other treatment, 15 minutes | $25

Beautiful Back
A “facial” for your back to remove impurities and care for the one spot on your body that is consistently neglected.

45 minutes | $90

Awesome staff, knowledgeable and friendly. Consults are comfortable without any pressure. I have had IPL lasers face, chest and back for sunspots with awesome results and CoolSculpting with awesome results. Best in KC for skin care!
— Kelly L.

The Corrective Facial
This facial is intended to correct specific skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, aging skin and inflamed acneic skin for both teens and adults. Generally, you will experience 3 to 7 days of mild to mid-level peeling as these treatments use a higher percentage of fruit acids and more aggressive enzymes.

60 minutes | $125

35 minutes | $100

OxyGlow by OxyGeneo
The "3-in-1" Approach - The OxyGeneo Technology harnesses the body's natural mechanisms to deliver 3 effective treatments simultaneously:

  • Uniform exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin

  • Infusion of NeoRevive or NeoBright nutrient-rich skin care formula

  • Natural skin oxygenation from within

NeoRevive is an exclusive formula that works with OxyGeneo Technology to provide you with optimal skin rejuvenation and anti-aging results.  NeoRevive facial skin treatments soften fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pore size, hydrate and nourish the skin, revive dull complexion and provide a glowing healthy look.

NeoBright provides optimal skin lightening, nourishment and rejuvenation. NeoBright facial skin treatments lighten & brighten the skin, minimizes pore size, reduce skin pigmentation & sun damage, revitalize dull complexion and provide a glowing balanced healthy look.

60 minutes | $150

Refining HydraFacial
Uses vortex infusion technology to deep clean the skin while driving essential nutrients and antioxidants deeper.

60 minutes | $150

Venus Freeze Facial
Enjoy all the perks of our Customized Facial with the added benefits of Venus Freeze technology. The heat stimulates collagen and elastin for instant plumping of fine lines, while breaking down those stubborn cystic acne blemishes. Another favorite for looking your best before a big event!

90 minutes | $175

I have had several procedures done there with Amy and my skin is starting to look SO good! I cannot wait for my next treatment. The location is easy to get to, ample parking, everyone there I have encountered is friendly and so helpful!
— Sandy G.

These treatments are generally done 1-2 times a year, or as recommended by your skin care specialist. You will experience flaking and peeling of the skin for 7-10 days. We recommend a pre and post peel appointment to discuss the best options for you.

TCA Peel
60 minutes | $200

Jessner Peel
60 minutes | $200
Add chest | $75

The Trilogy
A series of three of our favorite progressive, results-oriented treatments to rejuvenate and transform your skin.

  • Photofacial – IPL brings the unwanted pigment (both reds and browns) to the surface and dissipates it ($295 value)

  • Corrective Facial – a mid-level peel takes the skin tone and texture correction to another level ($125 value)

  • Oxygen Facial – heals and nourishes the skin to complete the lightening, brightening and tightening ($105 value)

Completed in a 3 week succession | $400

I had my first treatment last week with Amy it was amazing she informed me about everything that she was doing. I felt beautiful and refreshed! Thanks Amy!
— Tiffany C.

Please inform us if you are using any Retinol or other prescribed drugs of this nature.

  • Brows | $18

  • Lip | $15

  • Chin | $10

  • Nose | $15

  • Neck | $15

  • Sideburns | $20

  • Face | $50

  • Underarms | $25

  • Half arm & hand | $40

  • Full arm & hand | $60

  • Bikini | $50

  • Brazilian | $60

  • Back | $45

  • Chest | $45

  • Half leg | $60

  • Half leg & Bikini | $80

  • Half leg & Brazilian | $90

  • Full leg | $90

  • Full leg & Bikini | $110

  • Full leg & Brazilian | $120

Brow tint | $20
Lash tint | $20